Upcoming Forum

The next Greentech Investors Forum will be in April of 2018. Please check back for details.

Description, Results and Plans

Greentech Investors Forum LLC showcases one company every month before an audience of 20 to 30 angel and venture investors, investment bankers, potential customers, potential partners, engineers, IP and other attorneys, media personnel, people who take companies and technologies to Africa and Latin America. After the company presentation, a “Sector Expert” discusses the technology, regulatory environment or market dynamics. For some meetings, up to a half dozen people call in participate in the sessions. (They receive the slides ahead of time.) Sometimes students, professors and policy makers attend. At an upstate NY university, a class of business and engineering faculty and students listen in to the sessions to see “how business gets done in the real world.”

The Greentech Investors Forum meetings are collegial and helpful to the companies. About half the attendees come to all the sessions and half attend because of their interests in the particular company or technology. We don’t vote or ask the company to leave while we discuss them. We have open and candid discussions. After it is over, people generally stay around for up to an hour, networking.

There are over 1400 people on the mailing list, and I’m often told how much people enjoy readying the announcements even when they can’t attend in person.


GIF currently collaborates with:

  • Investors Circle,

  • Speak Up! a local public access TV show, and

  • Alfred university in upstate NY.

GIF is considering collaborations with:

  • Bard’s Sustainability MBA Program and,

  • Ocean Exchange.


Developments Under Consideration


The Greentech Investors Forum has several exciting initiatives that we are considering, if we can raise additional support.

Media Strategy

They include:

  • Web site. It will include PowerPoints of past presentations, announcements of upcoming presentations, news about past presenters and a few highly selected announcements about relevant events and news.

  • Films of the Programs. We have been filming the presentations for over a year, and intend to put them on the web site, but to date, for lack of resources, have finished editing only one.

  • Insights from Entrepreneurs. After the programs, we have been filming “Insights from Entrepreneurs”, an interview format show, where I ask the presenters a series of 10 questions that might be of interest to other clean tech entrepreneurs. We will include these on the web site as well as a YouTube channel we will develop. Questions include “How did you raise your first capital?” to “What was the dumbest thing you’ve done?”

  • We will include a transcript of “Insights from Entrepreneurs” on the web site.

  • Mailing list. We need to automate it, probably with MailChimp.

  • We want to include news of past presenting companies on the web site.

  • We will make our video resources available on YouTube.com.

Samples of the interviews and transcripts are available upon request.


Conferences under consideration


We are considering organizing several conferences and meetings to bring further value to our companies. They will require addition support.

  • Where are they now?

    This would look back at a number of the clean energy companies that have presented for the Greentech Investors Forum and previous organizations I worked with to track their progress since their presentations. It would provide valuable lessons about how to succeed in this area, as well as why companies fail.

  • GIF Alumni Present at the UN

    This would put a selected group of NYS clean energy companies in front of people who are hungry for knowledge about greentech solutions.